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Ellen Adarna in a wild party night

Ellen Adarna has the wildest nightout with the two actresses Danita Paner and Archi Arci Muñoz. They set the party because Ellen Adarna had her break up with the presidential son Baste Duterte. They went to party to forget the heartaches of Ellen Adarna on what happen to her relation ship with Baste Duterte. In the video Arci also announced that she is no longer with the prince of brunie Badi del rosario is no longer on the scene.

Meet the man with the biggest and longest penis in the world

Many people believe that a man's foot is also the size of his penis but according to scientific studies the belief is not true. Other says that a man's penis is related to his body built. But it does not prove that it is the real cause of having a big penis. This 2017 a man went viral because of the size of his penis. His viral photos was shared to social media and people are amazed with his tool. Roberto Esquivel Cabrera holds the record of the largest and biggest penis in the world with the length of 18.9 inches to be exact.

A Lady discovered that his boyfriend is cheating on her

As of this year 2017 there a lot of break up stories that is posted on social media and some are very controversial. Like what happen to this girl named Alexa. She posted the story nehind her and his boyfriend cheating on her. You can see the full story below this post.

Another photo also posted by Alexa is his boyfriend with a girl kissing while on the shower room. With that photo posted her boyfriend can not deny that it did not happen.

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