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A Lady discovered that his boyfriend is cheating on her

As of this year 2017 there a lot of break up stories that is posted on social media and some are very controversial. Like what happen to this girl named Alexa. She posted the story nehind her and his boyfriend cheating on her. You can see the full story below this post.

Another photo also posted by Alexa is his boyfriend with a girl kissing while on the shower room. With that photo posted her boyfriend can not deny that it did not happen.

Alleged video scandal of Lloyd Jo and her girlfriend

Another scandal video is viral this year of 2017. The guy is kissing the girl and recording what they are doing not supposed to see by public viewers of his facebook account. According to netizens comment the guy name is Llloyd Jo. He is kisssing her girlfriend while the two of his friend is watching it is like he is making jealous of them.

The video last for 48 seconds. As you watch the video scandal the two are in bed and is happily kissing each other. They do not care someone is watching them and that is the friend of the guy on the alleged video scandal. They both know that the guy friend is also recording what is happening that time on that room.

Watch video here: CLICK HERE

Iphone 7 for a body pictures scandal

Many teenagers want to have an iphone 7, the problem is it is so expensive for students. Mostly teenager girls wants to have an iphone 7. In this year 2017 a newly scandal post was made in social media. A teenage girl is now viral because of an iphone 7 she exchanged her pictures to a married man. A loving wife Luzviminda Panteleon posted a facebook messenger screenshot conversation with a teenage girl who flirts with her husband. According to Luzviminda the name of the girl is Isiah Victoria. The girl send a friend request to her husband and her husband accepted it.

You may read the viral post here:

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